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Zipp Tangente Cork Brake Pads for Shimano/SRAM 1 pair



  • Cork Pads don't pulse on carbon rims like rubber pads
  • Unique pad footprint prolongs life
  • Pad shape sweeps water off the rim
  • Reduces braking temperatures
  • Not compatible with Alloy braking surfaces

Zipp's High Performance Cork Composite Brake Pads are more than just chunks of cork made to fit in your pad holders. Yes they are made of Cork composite, but beyond that these pads are machined to have a unique geometry that sweeps water away and increases pad life. Zipp increased the width of the pad nose which improves braking performance and the sweeping action of the pads decreases wet weather stopping distances. The Zipp Tangent Cork Brake Pads are not compatible with Aluminum braking surfaces.