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SwissStop - Flashpro Black Prince Carbon Brake Pads



Stop in a flash.

The SwissStop FlashPro Shimano Black Prince Carbon Brake Pads provide excellent stopping power specifically for carbon rims in all weather. Drawing on 70 years of experience in the rubber industry, SwissStop has created replacement brake pads featuring some of the most advanced compounds in cycling, with a meticulous production process and extensive research and development. It's no surprise that SwissStop pads have quickly become the only choice for pro riders and amateurs who demand the best.

The FlashPro pad model fits Shimano 9/10, SRAM road, and TRP holders, and is available in several different rubber compounds. The Black Prince compound is specially formulated for high performance with carbon rims, providing excellent modulation on carbon brake tracks. It runs at a lower temperature than other compounds and wears more slowly. Sold in sets of four pads, enough to retrofit a complete bike, front and rear.

Note: Black Prince brake pads are not designed for use with aluminum rims.