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SRAM Red eTap - Road Bikes



It’s Time To Shift Forward

Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. 

SRAM designed their eTap system to be different than any other shifting system around. Their goal was not to replicate cable-shifting with electronics, but improve shifting so it’s easier, more intuitive, faster. The left shifter moves the derailleur inboard, toward larger cogs (and smaller gears), while the right moves the derailleur outboard, toward smaller cogs (and larger gears). Hold either shift paddle, and it will keep shifting until it reaches the end of the cogs. Hold both shift paddles and it will shift the front derailleur. If it’s already on the big ring, it will shift into the small. If it’s in the small, it will shift to the big.

The shift design is great, but they also wanted to make installation and adjustment easier. So they made the system wireless. There’s a 2032 coil cell battery in each shifter, and removable, interchangeable battery packs on each derailleur. The lever batteries should last about a year, while the derailleur batteries about 1,000km-and you can swap the front with the rear if the rear dies on the road.

At SRAM, we know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement.  If you already have any of SRAM’s 22-speed road systems, you just pull your double-tap levers, derailleur cables, and derailleurs, and install these bits. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need a crankset, 11-speed chain, and 11-speed cassette. SRAM strongly recommends staying within the SRAM family for optimal performance.

Included with this kit are the SRAM wireless eTap brake/shift levers, front derailleur, rear derailleur, batteries, charger, cord, USB stick, and Quick Start guide. In other words, everything but crank, cassette, chain, or brakes.