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Serfas Trident Rear Tail Light Blk



Serfas Trident (UTL-6) Taillight gives you style and safety in one high-powered and affordable package.

Being seen on your bike at night never looked so good with Serfas' Thunderbolt (UTL-6) Taillight. This USB rechargeable gem comes with 35 lumens of firepower while giving riders' several different rear facing mounting options.

The 30 micro-LED strip will let your presence be known to cars and bikes alike. 

Charge up, light up and get riding safely with the Thunderbolt.

  • The Serfas Trident rear light delivers reliable, versatile brightness plus a sleek, low-profile mounting system
  • Water-resistant silicone body with flexible mounting straps is easy to attach to your stem or handlebar
  • 4 modes provide a range of lighting options
  • Nondirectional beam covers a wider area
  • Max lumens: 35 (3 LED bulbs)
  • USB rechargeable with Lithium polymer battery
  • Charge time: 3.5hrs
  • Battery life on high: 1.5 hours, Battery life on low: 4.25 hours, Battery life flashing - high: 2.5; low: 8 hours
  • Weight: 52g