Profile Design Aero HC Bottle

Profile Design


Is shaving your legs just not making you aero enough anymore? Wondering what could make your Profile Design HC Bottle Mount set-up more aero? The answer is the new ultra-aero Profile Design Aero HC Bottle. They made both the bottle and the straw (surprisingly, the biggest culprit for adding drag) aero, so you'll shave grams of drag without having to shave your arms. Featuring a flip cap for easy re-fill and no splash, a removable nose to aid in the cleaning process, and a BPA-free bottle, this is the best thing to happen to aerodynamics since the invention of the airfoil.

Aero HC Bottle Features:
Flip cap for easy re-fill and no splash
Aerodynamic shrouded straw mount
Aerodynamic removable nose aids the cleaning process
BPA-free, foodsafe HDPE bottle
28oz (828ml) capacity
Includes: Bottle, bottle cage, and straw

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