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Nathan Sport Wash Blox

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The liquid Nathan Sport-Wash you've come to know and trust is now available in Sport-Wash Blox, a solid laundry detergent from Nathan. The convenient travel tube contains seven (7) easy-to-use performance laundry Blox of Nathan Sport-Wash. Nathan Blox isn't an ordinary washing detergent, it's a residue-free, non-allergenic formula designed to keep high-tech fabrics at peak performance. It helps keep fabrics odor-free by washing away residue left behind by ordinary laundry detergents, removing dirt and soil, neutralizing bacteria, and restoring breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. Each tube contains seven (7) Blox which is good for seven regular laundry loads. Nathan Sport-Wash Blox are Eco-friendly and biodegradable, so your conscience stays as clean as your race gear.

Sport-Wash Blox Features:
  • Removes odor, stains, and residues
  • Restores performance and apparel effectiveness
  • Works in place of regular detergents
  • Works with high-efficiency machines
  • Perfect for all major performance apparel
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Convenient easy-travel tube
  • Tube contains seven (7) Blox for seven regular loads