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Knog Pop r Rear Light

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What’s loved by some, might not be so loved by others. So instead of compromising, we at knog have made 10x designs for three lights. Some are mild. Some are wild! But the striking form of these tail lights does not outshine the excellent function. Super bright, AA battery-powered, long runtimes, replaceable straps, and side illumination. So whoever you are, find your POP!


FUNCTION : Tail Light
OUTPUT : 5 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 25 x 25x 70 mm
WEIGHT : 53g
POP R run times


LEDs 1x Super-bright SMT LED designed to provide maximum brightness for duration of run time.

BUTTON  Longer button push on (0.75sec) prevents accidental turn on. Short presses switch modes continuously. 

SIDE ILLUMINATION  Giving riders 180° visibility

BATTERY AA Battery included

BIKE ATTACHMENT Tool-less attachment for seatposts 22-32mm diameter. Can change orientation of light by rotating 90°

LOW BATTERY INDICATOR  A red LED will shine from the front of the light when the batteries are low. This LED will remain on for 5 seconds after the light is switched off to indicate that batteries need changing.