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Don't be scared, we have you covered!

Swim wear, training accessories, goggles and wetsuits from your favorite brands. We also offer wetsuit rentals so you can make sure it works for you before you buy.


Do I really need a wetsuit?

Wetsuits help keep you warm, reduce friction and improve buoyancy. This all translates into an easier, more enjoyable swim. Rent a wetsuit to test out at the lake or use over race weekend. Just stop in to Tribe and one of our expert fitters will get you in the right size. Our wetsuit rental period is Thursday to Tuesday.

What if you decide you love it? No problem? Make a purchase of a new suit from us within 60 days of the first rental and we’ll apply your rental fee(s) to the new suit (maximum of two rentals only). 

All rentals require payment in full at the time of the reservation. 
Sleeveless $40, $10 each additional day
Full Sleeve $50, $10 each additional day


Swimology is here!

We are proud to announce that we are now taking reservations for our Swimology Indoor Pool Training sessions. Stop in today and see what it is all about, or check out our friends at Swimology on Facebook

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Brands we support.


Speedo TYR  AquaSphere  Zoot  ProfileDesign