Are you traveling to or from the Valley of the Sun and want your bike waiting for you when you arrive?  We offer packing and shipping services for your convenience.



How much does it cost to disassemble my bike and pack into a bike box?

It costs $75 to disassemble your bike and to pad and pack.  If you do not have your own bike box a cardboard bike box will be used.

Who do you use to ship and how much does it cost for shipping?

We use Fedex and UPS to ship.  Pricing varies depending on ship location.

I'm flying, do you know what it costs to fly my bike with me?

Bike packing and boxing as described above will be needed before you leave.  All airlines have different rates for shipping bikes. A good source for estimating airline costs is Always be sure to contact your airline to be sure of current rates. Also note a confirmation number, who you spoke with, and if any special requirements are necessary.

If shipping my bike to Tribe, what do I do?

Contact Tribe to let us know what day you expect your bike to arrive. Be sure to have your name and contact information in the box with the bike as well as on the shipping label. Ship directly to Tribe Multisport. A bike build cost is $75.