We know and love bikes. Seriously we really really do. Which is why we are awesome at what we do. We care about your bike and we want it to perform at its absolute best. 


Race Tune & Adjust -the basics to get you race ready

  • Brake & Gear Adjustments
  • Chain and Cassette cleaned in parts washer
  • Full Bike Wipe Down
  • Full Nut and Bolt Check, torque to spec
  • Derailleur & Chain Lube
  • Tires Aired
  • Test Ride


Pro Tune & Clean - In depth, 20 point service

  • Race Tune and Adjust
  • Full Drivetrain cleaned in parts washer
  • Full Wheel Truing
  • Headset, Hubs and Bottom Bracket Adjustment
  • Cables lubed
  • Fix Bar Tape
  • Set pressure in fork/rear shock (if needed)
  • Fix Rotors (if needed)
  • Sand Brake Pads


The Pro Overhaul - complete strip down of your bike to the frame

Every component is cleaned, detailed and reinstalled to factory specifications before being completely tuned.

$169 - $199

The guys doing their thing. Making bikes happy and riders safe.